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Who We Are

FANISI Program
A team of experienced corporate professionals connecting a vast pool of employees with mentors, network of peers, hacks and strategies to launch a successful career.

Meet the Team

Sarah Majengo
Leadership Coach & Trainer
Charles Kihedu
Program Coordinator
Mary Nassali
Certified Transformational Coach
Lilian Musingi
Personal Development Coach
Thomas Mundia
Certified Social & Emotional Coach
Hawa Urungu
Project Coordinator


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“Fanisi sessions expanded my thinking in different areas that affect my career. Building a successful career is not easy and at times I wonder how others made it to where they are without giving up along the way. Equipped with all the knowledge and experiences, I am more confident and most importantly resilient as I steadily advance in my career.”

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Peter Charles
Assistant Manager ~ Customer Insights at Stanbic

“We were constantly challenged on our personal life goals, social economic conditions that require our leadership interventions, and career growth. I realized that every leadership plan and decision I make must be thorough and strategic and align with my values and how I envi-sion my life and those around me.”

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Ismail Biro
Deputy Executive Director ~ Tanzania Bora Initiative

“Fanisi has enabled me to be aware of the way I do things, both personal and professional. Ihave become more intentional when responding to things pausing before panicking and morereflective of the future. I am no longer haphazard.”

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Queen Uroki
PA to MD ~ Bank ABC

“Fanisi keeps surprising us with the level of opportunities this programme has/ will bring ourway. The time with the Emotional Intelligence Coach - Tom is a unique opportunity...thank you,thank you, thank you..”

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Jackline Slaa
Legal Officer ~ Songas